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European vs. American

posted Jun 27, 2011 17:14:54 by admin
Is it me, or do European women have a better taste and desire for pantyhose than American women? It seems that Euro women have more desire and passion for nylons and the effects of wearing them because it allows a more feminine look as well as the sexy appeal and feeling. American women are just trying to be "post modern" due to the stigma, that wearing nylons is just too much of a burden both effort and cost wise as well as the belief that they only benefit the "nasty" look. If American women took the time to be "natural" vs. what "society" thinks, then their lazy approach to looking both sexy and confident would be overshadowed by intellectual perspective, not ignorance, and certainly not ego driven and stuck up according to what "they think they see in the mirror".
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admin said Jun 29, 2011 14:19:27
Before I get "cyber slapped" all over the place, allow me to narrow in on American women and pantyhose. I can't be specific with numbers so I'll guesstimate. Looking around, I say about 75 - 80% of American women are not Nylons or Pantyhose friendly. That still leaves a lot of American women who still adore the pleasures of wearing nylons.. NYLONICITY resembles my "guesstimate".........
blackmexicocrush said Aug 22, 2011 23:33:00
I can only speak for myself but I don't feel properly dressed i'm not in tights or stockings. Bare legs are for the beach. (European) Xx
Hi, I'm H an English air hostess.
I spend my time wearing my nylons 6 miles high and smiling. To keep to my self presented to the highest possible standards I only wear my nylons once. I now have a surplus all in need of a good home. Can you help me???
NyLoNMstressCaRi said Nov 04, 2013 02:32:16
My family is from Europe (germany italy and ireland), and they always made the girls in the family wear nylons for dressing up occassions. To this day if I go out without my legs covered, I feel naked!
Your Nylonmistress,
hope you enjoy my worn nylons!
your nylonmistress,
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