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the ladies wearing nylons 4 you!!<3

posted Aug 22, 2011 22:45:38 by mistress_missy
no need to be shy, we ladies here understand and know what it is like living with a foot toe nylon pantyhoes fetish!! so many ladies on here willing to please you or maybe ..... chastise you!! what are you waiting for get your fetish delt with;) ladies follow suite and tell these fetish lovers what you will ............ we LOVE OUR NYLONS!! do YOU ???
well to start i will introduce myself, i am your mistress missy .... i am a UK wearer i love nothing better than wearing my stockings and tights i aim for pleasing my customers and i provide (orders) 2 if you so wish?!! lets hear from our subscribers what do you WANT?? your mistress <3
sensual silky finish do as i say!!!
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blackmexicocrush said Aug 22, 2011 23:29:30
Hello Nylon fans. I'm an English Air Hostess (Flight Attendant, Stewardess, CabinCrew) I wear nylon pantyhose everyday on my flights as part of my uniform. Gloss tights to give my legs an amazing sheen. My nylons make me feel so sexy as I strutt through the worlds international airports, visiting many exotic destinations. To ensure my grooming is always up to standard I wear my nylons only once, it seems such a waste to simply throw away my used nylons. If anyone on here can offer my nylons a new, loving home, please get in touch. Xx
Hi, I'm H an English air hostess.
I spend my time wearing my nylons 6 miles high and smiling. To keep to my self presented to the highest possible standards I only wear my nylons once. I now have a surplus all in need of a good home. Can you help me???
NyLoNMstressCaRi said Nov 04, 2013 02:37:02
Hi H,
I always wanted to ask you hostesses, what brand of nylons do you wear? I bet they have to be very durable.
hugs from JfK, new york!
hope you enjoy my worn nylons!
your nylonmistress,
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